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The truth is, there really is no one size fits all when it comes to carpet, the carpet you’re looking for is all in the art of personal preference, that and a few teeny tiny all changing factors you might want to consider when taking your pick…

We’re going to take you through exactly what to look for when you’re searching for your perfect flooring.

1. Do you have kids?

If the answer is yes, we’re guessing your carpet can often become their canvas, and it’s not always a pretty picture. Our secret weapon that may just get you out of a sticky situation is our bleach cleanable ranges of carpets , yes, that’s right, these exist!

Here at Carpets N Floors, we stock a superb range of bleach cleanable carpets, wether a twist pile, or a Saxony ,you don’t have to sacrifice on quality or style when those lovable rogues come out to play.

2. Do you have pets?

They say dogs are a man’s best friend but friends can become foe when it leads to muddy paw prints across the carpet. Similarly to the above, you’re looking for a bleach cleanable carpet. A twist is your new best friend, especially when you’re wanting to keep the lounge a cozy zone. However, don’t forget to keep in mind, you might find a moppable vinyl or LVT throughout the house a little easier to manage especially after those daily winter walks.

3. Do you have underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a luxury you want to reap the benefits from, be sure to ask if the underlay you have chosen is specifically designed for underfloor heating systems.

4. Is it a high usage area?

With high footfall areas such as an entrance hallways and staircases you’ll want to consider the wear of the carpet before choosing the cosiest one you can find. With big boots and the British weather, the hall is an area that will most definitely get a lot of love and wear, whether you want it to or not.

Thick Saxony carpets look great and are super cosy to begin but many will flatten over time, our top tip is to place a beautiful flat weave or a dense pile twist to give your hall or staircase the luxury look with the durability to withstand the constant coming and goings.

5. Remember your colour palette

We’re all guilty of scrolling Pinterest and lusting after a beautiful large room with a perfect cream carpet. The moments we don’t see is the upkeep of the carpet when the kids want to play with their new slime.

When selecting your carpet colour, take into consideration what room it’s being fitted into. Darker colours make for easier upkeep and a super cosy feel but lighter colours are the perfect addition for bright airy (no pet) homes!

6. How do you want the carpet to feel?

If soft, thick and cosy is what you’re after, then a quality underlay is the key and will make even the lightest of carpet piles feel so much better, durability comes predominately with pile density and backing quality, but basically ,the denser and shorter the pile ,the greater the lifespan of your new carpet will be . Saxony type piles are just bliss for bedrooms where footfall is often much lower.

Looking for something more natural? You can opt for a flat-weave to give a luxury feel but with super easy upkeep and hard wearing throughout the home no matter the footfall.

Twists are a great carpet for homes with children and pets and bridges the gap between a flat weave and a Saxony. The perfect middleman for the undecided, providing some bounce underfoot.

So there you have it, 6 questions to ask yourself before deciding on your carpet.

Still unsure? Get in touch today and book your free consultation for our flooring experts to take you through our sample books and let you in on our industry secrets.

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